Si las fundas de su almohada de algodón se vuelven viejas y débiles, este es el momento en que necesita reemplazarlas por otras nuevas. Debe usar cubiertas de seda porque son más suaves y producen menos fricción. Esto te ayudará a despertarte cada mañana con el cabello con menos enredos y te dará un cabello fuerte.

Do Not Brush Hair Incessantly.

Most women are believed that the way on how to get long hair is to brush it too often. Some others who think that this can cause hair fall and they avoid using a comb to brush their hair unless having explicitly required. However, it is the best that you should not brush your hair for more than 5 to 10 minutes a day. Brushing your hair within this period of time is beneficial in stimulating the scalp, releasing natural oils, and helping spread those oils down all the length of each hair strand. Make sure that you should gently brush, particularly when your hair is still wet. This will protect your hair from breakage or hair loss.